Worry or not?

Worry – it’s something most of us do, yet it is a waste of our energy and has never accomplished anything. Worry doesn’t bring about a solution to what it is we are worrying about. It does, however, cause us stress, which in turn causes physical ailments, emotional imbalance, and a loss of peacefulness. It closes our mind to finding the answers to the challenges we are concerned about.

Of course, not worrying is easier said than done. We know it is negative but how do we stop it? For me, the answer is turning the difficulty over to my Higher Power. Of course, when I turn it over, I can’t keep taking it back (by continuing to obsess about it).

Emmett Fox, in his article, “The Golden Key”, says that, “The more we think about a problem, the more we magnify it”. He goes on to say that by turning our thinking to God and away from the problem, not only diminishes it, but allows us, quite often, to see a solution for the situation.

For me, having a God box is a physical reminder that I have left something with God. By writing it down on a piece of paper and putting it in the box for HP to handle, I am reminded that I cannot do anything about it and to put my mind on something bigger and more positive than the challenge.

Is there something you are currently concerned about? Try writing it down, and then put it into a God box, attach it to a balloon that you release to the ethers, burn it, or do another physical act to remind you that you are no longer going to concern yourself with something you cannot do anything about.

Quote of the Week

“It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go.”
J.C. Watts

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