Where is your faith?

Faith – we all have it, the question is not if we have it, but what do we have faith in?

We have faith on different levels and in different ways and in various things.  We have faith that when we turn on our light switch the light will come on.  If it doesn’t we are upset, because it was something you had faith would happen and when it doesn’t we are disappointed.

However, there are different kinds of faith.  True faith is the inner knowing deep inside of yourself that the good you desire is already yours.  According to the Jafolla’s in The Quest, “True spiritual faith is complete trust in God’s will.”

The words of importance in that statement, are “complete trust”.  If we have faith but do not trust that God’s will for us is for our highest good, faith becomes more of an intellectual thing than an inner knowing that can stand the test of whatever life brings our way.

When we know that God is “large and in charge” we can handle whatever life brings our way.  It does not mean we might not cry, scream or doubt at any moment but that is always overshadowed by the deep belief that “God has got our back”.

Where is your consciousness?  That is where your faith lies.  If it is not where you want it to be, you can raise your consciousness through prayer, meditation, books, music – whatever works so your consciousness becomes open to achieve whatever it is you have conceived.

Quote of the Week

“Thy faith hath made thee whole”. Mt. 9:22 KJV

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