Unity of Orange County is part of a worldwide movement dedicated to creating a better world through individual spiritual transformation. Learn more…

A beautiful kaleidoscope of people in community

If you are looking for a spiritual community that honors everyone, this is it.

Embracing the belief that there is one God called by many different names and found through many different paths, our congregation is a beautiful kaleidoscope of people from different religions and races, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, ages and sexual orientations.

Unity also is a spiritual community with an extremely positive approach to God and life. We understand those who consider themselves spiritual more than religious. We are committed to not only helping you live a greater life, but also to helping profoundly transform our world through love. Learn more

Upcoming opportunities for learning, growing & making new friends

Unity of Orange County offers an abundance of classes, workshops and ongoing groups and services to support you on your path. Just a few of many upcoming opportunities are featured here. Please visit our Calendar for complete listings and details.

Prayer Circle – Following Sunday Service each week, we have a Prayer Circle for anyone needing prayer or wanting prayer for someone else.  All prayers are held in strict confidence.


Special Service/Event – THE DAY EVERYONE CAME!

SUNDAY,unity group DECEMBER 10th 10:00am

Be part of Unity of Orange County’s history.  On December 10th, we are encouraging everyone to come to the service and bring a friend.  We are going to not only fill up the sanctuary to the max, but we will have special music and a catered lunch following the service.

Do not be left out!  Don’t be the one not there.  Mark your calendars!


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