Use it or Lose it!

When we don’t use a part of our body, we lose the ability to do so.  When we have a broken bone, a hip or knee replacement, or we have been confined to bed for a while, we have to exercise the body part that has been affected as soon as possible or we will lose the use of it permanently.

This is true not just with our bodies but also with our minds, our skills, our spiritual connection, or our talents.  These are easy to lose in today’s world as so many people have limited their activities due to the pandemic. It may seem like there is no other option but there always is.  It just takes some creativity.

By the time my first son was born, my mother was physically disabled and was not able to do even simple things like picking him up or running after him.  What she would do instead is get creative and come up with activities he would enjoy without her having to do much movement.  My son didn’t mind because it was always something fun and she always gave him her full attention even if she was physically limited.  

No matter how circumstances may be limiting your normal routines or activities, it does not mean life is over.  Think of ways you can be creative and productive in spite of the circumstances of your life.  Learn a new skill, find a new hobby, or just call a friend or two every day and see how they are doing.  

Whatever you do – just do something!  Take the gifts you have been given and put them to good use.  Why?  Because the “gifts/assets/talents/finances/brains” we have been given are gifts from Spirit and we will lose them if we do not use them.

Quote of the Week

“You were given your gift for the joy you may give in return.” 
Cornelius Elmore Addison

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