Transformation through challenges

How was your Easter or Passover holiday?  I am sure no matter what you did it was probably a little different than in has been in the past.

The important thing to remember is that Easter (as well as Passover) is not about the rituals (as much as we may love them), it’s not about the meals (which we may love even more) or even family and friends – it is about the meaning of the holiday and how it relates to us today and how it is an important part of our spiritual growth.

Passover is about freedom from bondage – political, physical, and religious.  That freedom did not come without a lot of pain and suffering.

Easter is also about freedom from bondage. In Jesus being crucified and resurrected, we see the ultimate freedom from bondage.  It is freedom from the bondage of old thinking that limits our potential.  

The Easter message about Jesus transforming into the Spiritual Christ is also about our own spiritual journey. 

This time of transformation may mean an end to somethings that we have taken for granted, or for things whose time has come to an end, but it is Easter, Passover, spring – a time for rebirth.  

This time of change is the story of the living Christ and for own transformation –   a journey of rebirth out of slavery to earthbound things to a life of oneness with God. 

Let us give thanks for that transformation and for a life of deeper relationship with the Divine presence of Spirit. It truly is a time of celebration!

Quote of the Week

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” Joseph Campbell

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