The Three Little Pigs

Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs.  The first two pigs built their houses of straw and sticks and the big bad wolf came and destroyed them.  The third pig was a wiser pig and took the time to make sure his home was strong enough (he used bricks) to withstand the big bad wolf.

Jesus also told us that we should build a strong foundation for our homes.  In both cases taking the time to make sure we have a strong foundation in either our physical or spiritual homes, allows us to withstand the Big Bad Wolf (which is any negativity that comes our way).

Is your spiritual foundation strong?  How is your emotional foundation?  If it needs some work to make it stronger, there is no time like the present.  Just like we may not have much warning before a storm hits us, so too, we often may not see situations coming that can throw us for a loop.

Take a lesson from the third little pig and don’t put off for tomorrow what you need to do today so that you will have the strength to do whatever is needed to withstand the storms of life.

Our spiritual bricks are prayer, meditation, supporting our spiritual fellowship, and building a support of deep friendships who are there for us when we need them.

Quote of the Week

“May you have a strong foundation when the winds of change shift…and may you be forever young.”  Bob Dylan



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