The Summers of California

I don’t know about anyone else but for me, there are two summers, and we are in the midst of summer 2.  I see summer as divided into summer 1 and summer 2 and they are both different in the weather of the world and the weather of our spirit.

Summer 1 begins on Memorial Day weekend and ends around the middle of July.  Summer 1 gives many opportunities to find joy in a world of beauty.  Flowers abound in color, scent, and beauty in our gardens and our vegetables abound in abundance.  In this part of summer, it is a pleasure to be outside enjoying the warm summer breezes and evenings outside in the sun of longer days.

Here in CA the sun feels good after the June gloom but that feeling and the novelty of summer usually runs its course by August in the midst of summer 2.  In summer 2 all things change.

Our plants have either gone to seed or are burnt to crispy ends because of the lack of rain and the long days in the summer sun.  It is too hot to enjoy being outside after 8 in the morning.  Lawns are filled with all kinds of weeds, which unlike our plants, seem to thrive in the heat of midsummer sun.

However, it does have its good points.  The heat means we need to retreat to either AC or the pool or cool waves of the ocean.  It also gives us an excuse to enter the cool dark environment of a movie theater.  There is something wonderful about escaping into a movie theater in the middle of a hot summer day to escape into the fantasy of the big screen and the cool temperatures.  

Summer 2 gives us the choice of being active or inactive and knowing both are ok!

Quote of the Week

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”  

Sam Keen

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