The Power of Words

Words are powerful and can bring Love, compassion, and goodness; but words can also cause great harm and pain – not just to others but ourselves as well.

Unfortunately, we usually do not think of words as having such power and we use our words carelessly.  This is probably truer with the words we say about ourselves than the words we say to others.

Two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary, is “I am”.  Why are they so powerful? When Moses asked God who are you?  God replied, “I Am”.  Moses, in turn, told the Israelites that God was to be referred to as “I Am”.   Jesus understood the power of these words and when he used them, he was referring to the God that was within him, such as, “I am the light of the world”. 

So when we say something like, “I am so tired” we are really saying that God within me is tired.  How can that which is All Power, ever be tired.  We may feel tired, but the God within me is never tired.  Instead of saying. “I am too old”, try saying ”right now I feel old”.  The God within you is not old because God is timeless and ageless. 

Words have tremendous power, and we create our life by the words we speak. So, use your words with care and see how your life can change for the better.  When we say something and then realize it is a negative statement, quickly say, “cancel, cancel” to release the negativity and then replace the words with a positive affirmation.

It works, it really does. Try it for even a day and see how you feel.

Quote of the Week

“Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.” 


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