The Power of Understanding

Does Understanding mean the same thing as knowledge?   We often get understanding and knowledge confused.  Knowledge comes from learning things, but understanding is about comprehending something at a deeper level.

The dictionary defines it as: comprehension; personal interpretation; a superior power of discernment; enlightened intelligence.

So understanding is essentially about comprehension, it has to do with perspective. Our understanding is always dependent on our individual perspective and it has to do with compassion.

It seems to me that in our world today with all its challenges, we all need to be more understanding and to be more compassionate.  Understanding also means to “have a disposition of empathy and consideration for others.”   

Certainly, we need to become more aware of other people’s perspectives and feelings.  When we come from a place deep within, our God center, we can understand that we are all part of the same family – the human family. 

Understanding allows us to be tolerant and without judgment because we are coming from a higher consciousness.  If we all took the time to come from that space rather than our egos, we could change the injustices of this world.

Quote of the Week

 Understanding is a spiritual birth, a revelation of God within the heart of man.” H. Emilie Cady

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