The Power of our Thoughts

Everything that is, and has always been, is a result of God-Mind.  God-Mind is made up of ideas and expressions.  So too with our minds.  Our mind has an idea, then expresses that idea into an action that manifests something in our lives.  

This means that what we hold in our consciousness results in an idea, which then manifests or creates something that can be either a positive or negative thing.  For example, if we believe we live on a fixed income, then we will never manifest more than what we believe that amount is.

This law of mind action works not only for us personally but for the collective consciousness of any group of people – from 2 to millions.  That consciousness can either work for us or against us.

If a group of people is of the same consciousness, they can create positive or negative results as a result of that thought.  The good news is that when negative things do happen, we can change the results by how we react to the situation or event.

Once we understand this Universal Law, we can change our lives – just by changing our thoughts and our actions resulting from those thoughts.

Quote of the Week

“Like attracts like. It always has and it always will. It is an unbreakable universal law. It is the law of mind action.”                        Mary-Alice & Richard Jafolla. “The Quest.” 

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