The Masks We Wear

Halloween is when people put on masks and costumes so they can be someone different for a day. In truth, we wear masks every day. They are the masks that we show to the world. 

The psychologist Carl Jung wrote about these masks we wear daily, which he called the persona. The persona represents our public image. The word is, obviously, related to the word person and personality and comes from a Latin word for mask. Jung said our persona was a mask we put on before showing ourselves to the outside world. Also, it is the mask we wear to hide our true nature from the world.

Similarly, one of Unity’s earliest writers, Emily Cady, wrote in Lessons in Truth that we have two sides to ourselves – our personality and individuality. According to Emily, our personality is the human side of us, the outer part that we show to the world (Jung’s persona). Our individuality is the real us, our spiritual selves, our God-created selves, the Divine within us. 

At any time, one or the other is whom the world sees when they see us. The big question we need to ask ourselves is which side we reveal most of the time. Remember that spirituality is about progress, not perfection. 

What is important for us to ask each morning is that our individuality is more evident to the world than our personality. That was how God created us and that is what our goal in life should be.

Quote of the Week

“One’s individuality is that part of one that never changes its identity. It is the God self.”

Emily Cady, Lessons in Truth

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