The Love of the Season

Tis the Season of Love.  It is not just a time to love our families and friends but everyone and everything.  The birth of Jesus is about Love.  Unconditional Love, does not judge, does not bargain, and does not have to be earned.

It is about God’s Love for us even though there may be times we may doubt that Love, or are unable to experience it, it does not diminish the Love that is ours always.  Sometimes we can feel that love when we look at our loved ones or when someone does something so loving to us, we can feel God’s Love through them.

Christmas Love is not about the fickle romantic love we find in fiction but a true, deep, constant Love that is never far.  Remember this, whatever is going on in your life, no matter how appearances may seem, God’s Love is enfolding and embracing you.

That is a Love that you can count on, not just during the Christmas holiday but every day.

Quote of the Week
“Love’s not always Christmas bells; Sometimes it’s as tough as nails. But one thing you’re sure to find, in the end there’s peace of mind.”

Joshua Aaron Guillory

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