The Law that never Lies

There is a Universal Law that never lies and one that, if we understand how it works, can transform our lives and the way we look at the things that happen in our life.  It is the “Law of cause and effect”, which states: For every effect, there is a cause and, likewise, for every cause, there is a definite effect.

This law applies not just to our lives but to science as well. It is a Law we can depend on and one that offers us hope no matter what is going on in our life. 

In our own life, we can depend on the fact that our thoughts, actions, behaviors create specific effects that create our life as we know it.  This means that if we are not happy in our life, we must change the causes that created them in the first place.

The effect is not etched in stone and one we have to carry for the rest of our life.  We can change it by changing the cause.  If we are unhappy in a relationship, we can change the way we think about it and the way we react to it.  

Someone once said, “It is not the events in our life that determine our happiness, peace, and well-being but how to react to the things that happen.” What effect in your life is not as you would like it?  You can change it by changing the cause – that is done by changing your thoughts and actions. 

We are not helpless victims in life at the mercy of change.  We are the masters of who and what we are.  This is not easy to admit because it means we can’t blame “them”.  But this is good news because it means we can change ourselves, and how we view the world.  We are co-creators with God in our life – and I don’t know about you – but for me, that is really good news!

Quotes of the Week

Thoughts become things through the principle of cause and effect.  When you think certain thoughts repeatedly, you are planting a seed in the spiritual world that will bloom in the physical world.”             Catherine Wishart

Further, Ralph Waldo Emerson confirms this when he said: “Cause and effect, means and end, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end pre=exists in the means, the fruit in the seed”.

The Good News is that we can change the seed (our thoughts – the seed) and therefore our fruit (our life).

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