The Kindness of Others

It never ceases to amaze me how God works in our lives if we are open and willing to see and receive it. Through all my tears and grief, I am still blown away by God’s love working in and through the acts of kindness and generosity of others.

The latest was an opportunity to spend five days in a fantastic place near one of my favorite spots, Crystal Cove. Words cannot express how grateful I feel and how much my body and soul needed this respite.

I think too often we have expectations of some “big” sign from God – the healing of a loved one or maybe winning the lottery and when that doesn’t happen, we claim it as evidence that God is not at work in and through our lives.

In looking for the “big” miracles, we often miss the little and not-so-little miracles happening daily in our lives. I invite you to take time today to look for the little signs that God is not only present but active in your life today.  

I think you will be amazed and filled with gratitude. I am – grateful to God and all of God’s angels in my life.

Quote of the Week

God works through people by stirring their hearts, and sometimes people 

never know how they are helping others.”

Colby Buzzell

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