The Heroes Around Us

I have been truly blessed in my life with people who have shown me what a true hero looks like.  They are people who have gone through challenges and struggles and do it with dignity and grace.  Does this mean they do not shed tears?  No, it means that they do not let their difficulties keep them from a belief in a God that is good and loving.

Not only do they walk through life’s tough times with faith, but they take their experiences and are there for others when they need them.  When life hands me tough situations, I remember all the angels who have been in my life.  They have shown me that there is nothing that I can’t survive as long as I stay connected to God.  They remind me of the Truth of God’s Presence, Power, and Love when I forget. 

I think that is why I love hero stories, especially ones where a hero is just an ordinary person – unequipped with superpowers – but with an inner strength that lets them do things they may have thought impossible. They may not want what life has handed them, they may say yes reluctantly, but they do say yes and then step forward – one step at a time, one challenge at a time, one day at a time.

Today, take time to be grateful for the heroes in your life – the ones who show you that whatever life may bring us, God is greater than any challenge and through God, we will always receive the strength, faith, and courage we need.

I once read that God’s Will, will not take me where God’s Grace will not keep me.  It is an affirmation that I use often because it works no matter what I have to face.

Quote of the Week

“Every time you are willing to say “Yes” to everything on your path, you express the hero inside of you.”                                         

Maria Nemeth

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