The Grace of God

Many of us say God is Love, yet so often our actual beliefs and actions indicate something else.  As long as we believe some people are less loved by God than others, we are making God’s Love conditional based on a person’s beliefs, life style, ethnicity, sexual preference, or race.

God either is Love, or is not. If God is Love, we cannot exclude that Love from anyone.  The thought that God loved some, more than others, is the reason that, many years ago, I turned away from God.  How could I trust in something that would either love or punish me based on who I was, or what I did, or did not do.

It was not until I found a Higher Power, which truly was unconditional Love, that I was able to believe again. Now, no matter what I do or who I am, I can completely trust this Power even though circumstances may sometimes seem opposed to that idea.

It is not easy to throw away our beliefs about God that we brought with us from our childhood.  But for me, as long as I limited God’s Love and Grace by my childlike ideas, I was truly limiting my own potential.

I invite you to ask yourself if the God of your understanding is big enough to encompass everyone, all the time, and in all circumstances. If it is not, try to imagine what life would be like if It was.

Quote of the Week

“I believe God is love and that everything God does, God does because of love. When this love is “poured on the wicked, the rebellious, and the resistant—adjectives that fit all of us on occasion—we call it grace.”

Excerpt from: Philip Gulley & James Mulholland. “If God Is Love.”

In One Spirit,



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