The Gifts of Giving

One of the greatest spiritual tools is giving.  People who are givers are those who are convinced that life is a giving process and they give in all different ways.  They give themselves away in service and any other helpful way they can because they are secure in the knowledge that their good comes not from without but from within.

Giving is a way to truly live a life that is free from financial insecurity because givers come from knowing that you cannot outgive God.  Knowing that they live a life of complete trust that their needs will be met.  Because they are secure in this knowledge and belief, they are happy, satisfied, and prosperous. 

I know someone from Miami who lived in his car and was the happiest person I had ever met.  The reason – although he did not have much by the standards of the world, he was always giving – giving his time, his talents, and often his money (although he did not have much).  He used to say that he was “the richest man in Miami” and anyone who knew him would concur.  He believed life was not meant to be endured – but to be enjoyed!

This is because what we get from giving is way beyond our ability to see because it is so much more than we can comprehend. It is living a life of joy and serenity that comes from the depths of our being and there is no monetary amount we can place on that.

Quote of the Week

“No true spiritual life is possible without  a generous heart.”


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