The Art of Relationships

We all want happy, harmonious relationships in our lives, whether they are relationships with a significant other, friends, family, our spiritual community, or our work community. However, we cannot have relationships with others unless we have a good relationship with ourselves and God.  

In Truth, we cannot help but have excellent relationships when we have a loving relationship with God and ourselves. So why are some relationships so challenging? More importantly, how do we change relationships from difficult to one that feeds our soul?

First, we have to look within and see what in us needs to be changed rather than trying to change someone else. I am not referring to changing ourselves to meet the expectations of others, but how can we see the relationship differently, and if we cannot heal it, have the strength to let it go?

An essential tool for relationship happiness, as well as our joy, is to surrender. When I say surrender, I am referring to letting go of the illusion that I am the power that controls all aspects of my life.

Yes, we determine our lives by our consciousness, but we cannot change other people, places, or things – only ourselves and our illusion that we can, bring us much unhappiness in our lives and relationships. 

We need to surrender physically, mentally, and spiritually to win in this life. Over the following weeks, we will look not only at surrender and what else is necessary for us to have peaceful, happy, harmonious, and loving relationships in our lives.

Quote of the Week

“Happy relationships depend not on finding the right person, but on being the right person.”

Eric Butterworth

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