Still, I will Trust

One of my favorite gospel songs is entitled, “Still I will Trust You”.  The song is about trusting the  God of your understanding even when it is not easy when every cell in your body wants to just scream or cry.  That is easy to say but often not easy to do.

It is easy to trust a Higher Power when everything in your life is going well.  Then believing in a God that is good and wants only good for you is a “walk in the park”.  But what about those dark nights of the soul when it’s a challenge to believe that what is going on in your life is not only God’s will but is good.

Those are the times your faith is challenged and it is easy to feel like you are walking alone through life.  If we can hold on during those times to the belief that whether we like our reality or not, to “still Trust You (God)”.

To have those times of doubt or fear is human, that this spiritual journey is one of progress, not perfection. And most importantly, to not deny those human times but understand they are part of our journey as much as the times of spiritual awareness. 

Quote of the Week

“While the storm rages on, and I can’t find my way
still, I will trust You, Lord”

“Still I will trust You”, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

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