Spiritual Aging

Recently I was talking to someone who had just turned 21 and he was expressing how he felt about getting older because he was no longer a child.  I (being quite a bit older) found his fears and concerns amusing, but to him they were no laughing matter.

Aging is interesting because each person feels it at a different time of their life.  It is brought on by different circumstances, but the effect is the same.

For me, that moment was at the age of 40.  My mother had died years earlier and when I was 40, my father passed. I had gone up north for the funeral and when I returned to Miami I could not explain why, but I was feeling, not just sad but lost. The thought then hit me – I was no longer anyone’s child.  I had to face the fact that, not only was I an adult, but an orphan as well.

Aging can be a scary process no matter what age we begin to feel it, but it can also be a part of our spiritual journey, if we allow it.  If we find ourselves physically slowing down we can spend more time reading spiritual books, meditating, or being active in service in our spiritual community, etc.

If we refocus our thinking about aging and use this time for enhancing our spiritual life, we might find ourselves becoming more of the spiritual being God created us to be.

Quote of the Week 

It is never too late to be who you were meant to be.”                               

George Eliot


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