In your life, what matters most to you?  Is it your family, friends, career, home, income, health, or maybe your spiritual life?  We tend to live our lives based on what is most important to us.  We make decisions regarding these priorities.

This being November, we think of gratitude, especially for everything in our life that truly matters to us.  For me, it is my recovery and relationship with my Higher Power.  Without these two, I would not have the joy I find with my family, friends, two careers I love, and a healthy body and mind.

What is important to you?  Do you appreciate it/them? Do you prioritize your life based on these priorities?  Now is the time because now is really the only time we have.

Quote of the Week

“Life is all about priorities. Year after year, day after day, and even minute after minute you have to embrace what is more important and essential for you and not look back. When others don’t understand or admonish you for your choices don’t give it any energy because they are telling you that their wants are more significant than yours.”                                 ― Carl Henegan, Darkness Left Undone

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