Prayer of Selflessness

No matter what religion you are, or are not, one of the most beautiful prayers and a perfect example of how we should live our lives is the St. Francis Prayer.

This prayer is about selflessness. It is about what we can do for others rather than thinking about what they can do for us. So rather than seeking consolation from others when we are in the midst of a challenge, we look at whom we can console.

Rather than complaining about our not being loved, we can find people to love. Instead of demanding to be forgiven we can forgive everyone and everything!

In other words, we can ask ourselves, ”How can I be a more loving, compassionate, giving person?” “How can I touch the lives of all I come in contact with and bring light into someone else’s life today?”

I once heard that “when we are born we cry and the world rejoices. If we live our lives well, when we die the world cries and we rejoice.” Let’s live our life well.

Quote of the Week

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, that where there is hated, let me sow love.”
St. Francis Prayer

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