Prayer works! 

I have heard many stories from people of how prayer has made a difference in their life.  A lot of times people will give examples of how they prayed about a situation and it resulted in their prayers being answered just as they had prayed for.

However, what about the times are prayers are not answered?  Does that mean there is no Higher Power?  I once heard that all prayer is answered with a “Yes”, a “No” or a “Not Now”.   Faith is trusting that even a ‘No” or “Not Now”, God has got our backs.

I heard it said that GOD stands for Good Orderly Direction.    I try to remember this when it seems my prayers are not being answered.  When I do remember,  (when things don’t go according to my plan), I have faith that GOD is large and in charge and has got me. I can then let go and see all the good that can come from a no.

Quote of the Week

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

Garth Brooks 

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