Out of the Darkness of Fear

Fear is something most people face.  However, some people allow their fears to control their lives and keep them from living the full life God intended for them.
When they are faced with a tough situation, they often become too scared to make a move, cursing the situation, rather than making the effort to do something about it.  Can anything be gained by doing nothing but worrying about the situation?  Nothing changes, the issue is not affected by our outbursts of the injustice of something.
It is not until we acknowledge the situation, turn a light on it, that we can begin to make some progress toward a resolution or an acceptance of it.  Problems and fears cannot be fixed at the level they began.  It is necessary to move ourselves to higher consciousness to get some answers or direction.
When we turn on the light to any of our fears, we often find that they were unfounded.  It is like a child who is afraid of the dark because of a “monster” under the bed.  The only way to change the child’s mind is to shine a flashlight under the bed so he/she can see that in reality there is nothing there.  So too, we need to shine a “spiritual flashlight” on our fears.
If we can’t do that ourselves it helps to seek prayers from a friend or a prayer group to help us lift our consciousness and shine a light onto that which we face. When we do this we can begin to find a way out of the darkness.
Quote of the Week
“The light of understanding dissolves the phantom of fear.”
Ellie Harold 

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