Our Minister

Rev. Arlene Meyer

Rev. Arlene Meyer

Rev. Arlene Meyer, our minister as of August 1, 2015, came to Unity of Orange County from Savannah, Georgia, where she served as the senior minister of Unity of Savannah.

Arlene has been inspiring and empowering people for over 20 years as a minister, speaker and coach.

She was the co-founder of Vision Farms Meditation Center prior to ministry and was also the founder of Savannah Ceremonies.

As a Minister and Life Consultant, Arlene encourages others to design and manifest a life that is in harmony with their Soul’s purpose. For over 20 years, she has worked with people seeking to start a new life, or a new chapter in life, whether it is because of recovery, retirement, major life changes or just wanting to do something more with their lives. She has helped others build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

She offers inspiring talks, workshops and transformational in-depth coaching programs that help others achieve new heights of health, success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness.

Arlene is the author of Seven Days to becoming a Vegetarian, an easy-to-follow cookbook for those wanting to add healthy options to their diet, and Finding Your Way: 52 messages to help guide you through the ups and downs in life. 


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