Nothing is Lost

I lost my glasses this past Sunday and realized it when I got to church. I looked everywhere – church, purse, laptop case, car and even drove back home to look there. No luck.  

I know nothing is lost in this Universe; however, it was not revealed to me where they were in the Universe.

So I did the only thing I could do, Sunday service without them. I had accepted that although nothing was ever really lost, it was not for me to discover the location of the glasses at that time.

I had entirely accepted the situation and, after church, went home. I parked my car, and as I started to get out, I noticed that my eyeglass case and my glasses were wedged under the dash between the two front seats.

Sometimes we cannot see what may be right in front of us in life. We live in fear of losing something, while in Truth,  we cannot lose what is in our consciousness to have. 

Truth is Truth – nothing is lost in the Universe. Thank you, Christopher, for teaching me that Truth.

Quote of the Week

“Nothing is lost in the Universe.”


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