New Year’s Commitments

Did you make some New Year Resolutions? Have you already broken them?

Instead of resolutions that do not usually last to Valentine’s Day, let’s make some commitments that will improve our lives. They are simple but not necessarily easy ones to do but even trying to do them will help us have happier and more peaceful lives.

First thing is to forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in 2021 or for that matter, any time in the past. We tend to hold onto our mistakes and carry them around like a badge of honor but it does us no good to do so, just let it go.

Since we are letting go of our past mistakes it is also a time to let go of others’ past mistakes – in other words, forgive. Holding onto resentments or grudges we are holding onto of who did what to us, let it go. Nothing is gained in life by walking around with a load of unforgiveness we are dragging around like a bag of rotten potatoes. The longer we carry it, the heavier and more rancid it becomes.

Once we let go of our past mistakes and the mistakes of others, we need to replace all that negativity with Love. Each day we can ask ourselves how can I be more loving in this world? If we ask we will find ways in which to do that.

I guarantee you that if you let go of all past negativity and move forward in Love, you will not only have a better year but you will have a better life.

Quote of the Week

“Too often we give others the power of controlling our emotions. Replace fear, hate, and anger with love and you will be free.”

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