we come in all sizes, shapes, colors, religions, economic levels, nationalities, etc.; but, although, we are all so different, we are all the same.

This is because we all come from the One Power that IS – so therefore we Are. We all have a part of the Divine within us, although, it may seem, at times, that some people have more of the Divine than others. Unity teaches that within us all is the Divine, and I believe that is true – its just harder to see it in some people.

The interesting thing is, it is easier to see the Divine in others, when I can see the Divine in myself. The word Namaste means the Divine in me sees the Divine in you. However, we can only see the Divine in someone else when we are coming from our own Divinity and for that we must take time to connect with the God of our understanding. The best way to do this is through prayer, meditation, and affirmations.

Try an experiment, just for a day. Practice seeing everyone you come in contact with, as God manifested in the form of that person. Notice how it makes you feel, not just about yourself, but about life itself!

Quote of the Week

“Children show me in their playful smiles, the divine in everyone.”
Michael Jackson


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