My Best Friend

Some years ago I was asked to make a list of the characteristics of the God of my understanding.  I was told to think in terms of what I would want in a best friend.  Making that list has been of great value to me over the years because it allowed me to think of God in terms of being a Friend rather than as an authoritative Father, Mother, or stern Ruler image.

Thinking of God as a friend makes my Higher Power more accessible, more understanding and easier to trust. Friends are there for each other, to laugh with each other (sometimes because of silly things we do, either on purpose, or accidently), to forgive us, to support us in times of need, they give us a shoulder to cry on when when we are sad, and they celebrate with us when things are going great.

Whatever you think of regarding your Higher Power, the important thing is to have a relationship with Her or Him that works for you.  For me, having my Higher Power as my Best Friend helps me to know that I am never alone.

Quote of the Week

Ooh, you make me live
Whenever this world is cruel to me
I got you to help me forgive
Ooh, you make me live now

Ooh, you make me live

You’re the first one
When things turn out bad
You know I’ll never be lonely
You’re my only one
And I love the things
I really love the things that you do
Oh, you’re my best friend

Excerpt from the song “You’re my Best Friend” by Queen

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