do you believe in them?  I do! I have seen and heard about many miracles that have happened in people’s lives.  One thing I know for sure, some miracles may seem to not be as obvious as others.

When we pray for a specific outcome and it does not happen, i.e., a healing, we are quick to think that miracles do not exist.  We expect miracles to be delivered like Christmas presents on Christmas morning.  If we don’t get exactly what we ask for, we think miracles are just something someone made up.

We fail to see that although we did not get the “miracle” we asked for, we in fact got another gift that we needed more – whether it was something we wanted to not.  

If we take time each day to find the little miracles that are all around us, we open ourselves up to receiving the “big” ones. 

Find the beauty, goodness, kindness, compassion and love all around and you will see miracles in your life everyday.

Quote of the Week

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.”           Bon Jovi

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