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Welcome Team
Each Sunday morning you will be greeted at the doors by smiling faces. Our team members are there to help you feel welcome, greet you when you arrive, hand you a bulletin, hand out first time visitor packets and collect the Love Offering during the service. They are the first people you come in contact with on a Sunday morning and help establish the tone for the service.

coffeeFellowship Ministry
Our fellowship ministry prepares the coffee and snacks that are enjoyed at each service.  They also assist at many large speaker events setting up coffee, water and snacks prior to the start of the event.

Adult Education
We offer a broad variety of classes, workshops, and seminars for personal and spiritual growth throughout the year on such topics as prayer and meditation, healing, prosperity, relationships and world religions.

Music Ministry
The Music Ministry at Unity presents a varied palette of musical offerings to enhance the worship experience. Our music team provides inspiring and reflective songs at each Sunday service. The congregation participates by singing group songs and hymns, meditation responses and The Peace Song. Our music fills the room with energy each Sunday. The vocal selections are carefully chosen each week to coincide with the Sunday message.

Youth and Family Ministry
At this time, our Youth Ministry is going through a development process.  Please call 949-472-9230 for more information.

Our youth ministry (infant through teens) meets during the Sunday service. Children can develop a healthy relationship with God, learn positive values, share their feelings, communicate with one another and develop a healthy and positive self-image.

All of our loving Youth Ministry leaders, teachers, and teen sponsors, are thoroughly screened and a background check is implemented to insure the safety and security of our children and teens.

mother and childNursery Care
We have bonded Nursery Care for Infants through 3-year-old children. If you can’t bear to part with your precious little one, your children are welcome in Service as well.

Sunday School
For all children PreK to high school.

bookBookstore Ministry
We have a wonderful bookstore filled with inspirational, motivational and self-help books and CDs. Our bookstore ministry helps to ring up sales on Sunday mornings, and answer questions.

Office Help Ministry
Our Office Help Ministry is a group of dedicated individuals who come in during the week to help answer the phones, process special mailings, replenish the Sanctuary pockets, do computer research, and assist with various light office tasks.

Ambassador Ministry
With the help of our ambassadors, Unity of Orange County looks inviting before you step through the front doors. Our Ambassadors make sure that everything gets put into place and in order prior to the start of the service. They also ensure that everything is put back in its place.

circle of handsSacred Circles
This is a small-group ministry that provides the opportunity to widen your circle of friends while also deepening your spiritual growth. Carefully selected discussion guides and books based in Unity principles provide the basis of these circles which meet for seven or eight weeks, facilitated by highly trained lay leaders.

Ministerial Services
Services available to members include weddings, memorials, christenings, pastoral care, and short-term spiritual counseling. For more information, please call 949-472-9230.

Connection Central Ministry
Congregants work at the activity table to provide information about upcoming activities at Unity of Orange County. This ministry provides a great opportunity to meet people and work with others in a very fun and interactive way.

Sunshine Ministry
This ministry was created to assist congregants who are ill, hospitalized, undergoing surgery or recovering from an illness. We understand the healing power of loving support and want to be of service during difficult times. Some of the services include:

  • compassionate handsSending a card
  • Making phone calls
  • Grocery shopping
  • Provide a hot meal
  • Prayer support through our Prayer Ministry


Prayer Ministry
This ministry is available to provide you with support during your time of need by joining with you in loving prayer. Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you one-on-one in person after the Sunday service, or over the telephone, along with supporting your written prayer requests.

Prayer Chaplains

Prayer Chaplain Team Leader
Rev. Leslie Bradshaw was ordained a Unity Minister in June of 2000. While attending ministerial school, Leslie worked an additional 25 hours a week as a Silent Unity Prayer-Line Worker, which she feels deeply enriched her ministerial training experience. After ordination, she served as Senior Minister at Unity Church of Springfield, Illinois from December 2000 until her semi-retirement in 2012, when she began her move back to her home state of California to be closer to family and long-time friends. Prior to ministry, Leslie worked full time as a kindergarten teacher and later in a variety of long and short-term teaching situations while her children were at home. She is also an artist and is enjoying being able to devote more time to her art now that she is semi-retired. Leslie is delighted to have found Unity of Orange County and looks forward to serving as part of this dynamic and loving community.

Our Prayer Chaplain Ministry provides prayer support to members of the congregation. They are trained to create a sacred space, to listen and pray with an open heart and keep every prayer request confidential. This service is lovingly offered to guests and members.

There are several ways to receive the service of a Prayer Chaplain:

  • Immediately following service each Sunday, prayer chaplains are available at the front of the sanctuary to pray with congregants.
  • The chaplains make monthly wellness calls to members of the congregation to find out how they are doing and if they would like prayer support.
  • In addition, the Prayer Chaplain Line is available 24 hours a day at (949) 472-8105. You will be able to leave a message to have one of our Prayer Chaplains return your call. You need not be a member of Unity of Orange County to receive this service.


Platform Assistant
The platform assistant helps the minister by helping to set the spiritual and inspirational tone for the Sunday Service. This consists of delivering the Sunday welcome message, celebrating and blessing the children, assisting the minister with good news, leading the congregation in song, helping to prepare congregants for meditation, leading the celebration of abundance by providing the prosperity thought, leading the offering blessing, and closing the service with the Prayer for Protection and Peace Song.

Adventure in Faith
Hosting or leading a sacred circle group.

Unity of Orange County is a nonprofit (501)(3)(C) organization. We are a tithing ministry, which means 10 percent of what we receive goes out to do God’s work. We strive to help our geographical and global communities by sharing not only our services, but also our financial prosperity. Since the inception of our spiritual community, we have supported many nonprofit organizations on a monthly basis.

balloonsSpecial Events
Special holiday lessons, Circulation of Abundance community event, Finding Yourself in Career Transition community event, picnics in the park, special celebrations, fundraisers, retreats, guest speakers, workshops, musical concerts and galas.

Environmental  Ministry
Here at Unity we feel a sacred responsibility, individually and collectively, to make a positive difference through personal example and active service in the protection of our environment. Unity is a worldwide movement committed to our ministries going green.

Information on our efforts worldwide can be found at We also support the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment by participating in events related to the environment.

At Unity of Orange County we have performed the following while at the previous property and will continue at the new facility.

  • Requested an energy audit.
  • Replaced all lights with energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Adjusted all thermostats to shut off automatically.
  • Developed a comprehensive recycling program.
  • Served fair trade coffee and tea and refreshments that are healthy.
  • Used Seventh Generation tissue, towels, eco-friendly soap and lotions in restrooms.
  • Used soy candles instead of oil-based candles.
  • Remodeled all bathroom facilities at the Mill Creek location to automatic shut off faucets and auto flush toilets.
  • Eliminated the use of Styrofoam and toxic cleaning products.
  • Eliminated plastic water bottles and use a filtered water dispenser.
  • Used recycled paper products and have dramatically reduced paper use.
  • Purchased a digital projector to display information about ongoing activities, rather than handing out flyers at Sunday services.
  • Send information electronically using an e-blast.
  • Youth Education Department uses recycled goods for craft projects and implemented more environmental lessons and prayers for the earth.
  • Launched new website to accommodate the collection of tithes and love offerings online through PayPal.
  • Distribute electronic eblast.
  • Provide access to eblast on the Unity of Orange County website.


Our community outreach has joined with the Surfrider Foundation for beach clean up and with Habitat for Humanity in helping to build and retrofit Habitat houses with recycled materials.

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