Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas! (Well almost!)

Depending on how you feel about this whole Christmas thing, or how behind you are on all the cooking, shopping, etc., the fact it’s almost Christmas can be seen as good or not so good.

We can get so busy in the rush before Christmas that we forget what Christmas is really about.  Many people celebrate Christmas without any thought as to what we are celebrating.

We forget that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus who represents the birth of Hope, Love, and Peace on earth.

So in these last days before Christmas, take time out to remember what and why we celebrate.  Reach out in Love to others, find peace within – no matter how busy you may be, and never give up having hope that all the things Jesus represents are not lost.

This Christmas, take time to remember a small infant born a long time ago, who taught us that we are not alone and that we are loved by Pure Unconditional Love.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Quote of the Week

“Christmas is forgetting self and finding time for others.”

Betty Poluk


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