Little Victories

Most of us do not win the lottery or finish first place in an athletic competition. We may not be a big star or never had some truly major accomplishment in our lives. However, it’s not the big stuff that makes up a life, but the little victories we all have had, that sum up a person’s life.

Every time we overcome a challenge, walk through difficult times, keep keeping on, no matter what – we have achieved a little victory. The quality of our lives is determined by whether we choose to look at our glass half empty or half filled.

If we are having a financial crisis, rather than looking at what we do not have, we can be grateful for what we do. If we lose someone we love, we can appreciate all the time we had with them and how our lives were blessed by knowing them. If we are facing a health challenge, we can be grateful for what we have, rather than what we don’t have.

No matter what we have gone through in our lives, we all have had little victories even if it might just be that we made it through them. Let us learn to celebrate the little victories in our lives – the results can, and will amaze us!

Quote of the Week

“Take it from me, these little victories are all a heart needs”.
From the song, “Little Victories” by Blue Sky Riders

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