Letting Go

So often we find ourselves blocked from the flow of good into our lives and we can’t understand why.  For many people, it is because they are holding onto the past.  We all have done it at one time or another.  When we do, the past is not completely in the past. 

The actual experiences of past months or years may have been left behind but the energy of the past is still active in our lives in the form of regrets, judgment, guilt, and resentment. And although the experiences are behind us, the energy from the past may be shaping our present whether we are conscious of it our not.

So how do we heal the negative energy from past events that hold us from our good in the present?  Forgiveness is the answer and the way.  It is a healing energy that can heal our hearts, our minds, our body and our life.  All the prayer and meditation we do is of little use if we continue to hold onto judgments and resentments.

Resentment is the opposite of forgiveness.  We cannot have the latter if we are holding onto the former.  Jesus said that that before we go to the “altar” to pray, we must first go back and make it right with anyone we owe an amends to, or have to forgive.

I believe we must first work on cleaning our own “house” or the “wreckage of our past” before we can truly receive the blessings that God wants to give us.  Try it and see if letting go of the past doesn’t open amazing things in your present life.

Quote of the Week

“It is not easy to let go, but when you do; not only do you realize the strength that lies within you, you also create an opportunity to see God perform the best of miracles in your life.”             ― Gift Gugu Mona


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