Letting Go

Autumn was evident in New England by the falling leaves everywhere. Nature has this amazing talent of knowing the importance of releasing things that no longer serve their purpose. 

Years ago, while in ministerial school in Kansas City, I got the realization of just how important it was that the trees let go of their foliage.  There was early snow in October and many trees still had leaves left on their branches.  When the weight of the snow was added to the tree’s limbs, the trees could not tolerate it and there were many downed limbs and trees. 

Trees lose their leaves so they can bear the weight of the hardship of winter.  It is no different for us.  If we hold onto things of the past, especially negative ones, we cannot handle challenges that might come our way in the present.  We find ourselves not only carrying the stuff of our past, but the new burdens we might receive in the present.

What are you holding onto?  Do you feel like the challenges of today are more than you can bear?  If so, let go of the old – it not only doesn’t serve any purpose – it is also weighing you down.  There is enough stuff we have to deal with in the present, we certainly don’t need our past issues to make things any worse.

Quote of the Week

“I always get to where I am going by walking away from where I have been.”
Winnie the Pooh

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