Let go and let God! Easier said than done! We would be much happier and more peaceful if we could do it regularly.

The desire to shape life to meet our desires is often the cause of much of our unhappiness. Why do we have so much trouble doing what we know will help us through life’s challenges? 

I believe it is because we cling to the idea that we know what is best for us. Consequently, it is scary to let go and turn it over to something we cannot see, hear, or touch. So we try to control how things should be and how people should act, believing it will bring us happiness.

Unfortunately, we discover that it didn’t bring us happiness for very long. The reality is that usually, the most effective way to handle any challenge is to let God take it.  

As you release your difficulties,  letting go of the attachment to the results, God will reveal the right answers and lead us in the correct direction. BUT, you have to get out of the way!

Getting out of the way does not mean we neglect our part in the process. Instead, it means we enter into a new partnership with God, and the Power and Presence we need will be made available to us.

By doing this, we take the action of doing the footwork, and then we release the attachment to the outcome – always affirming that God is Large and In Charge!

Quote of the Week

“I release and I let go, I let Spirit run my life, and my heart is open wide cause I’m only here for God.”

“I Release, and I let go”

Music and lyrics by Rickie Byars and Michael Beckwith

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