Keeping Cool, Calm and Collected

Summertime and the weather is hot and hotter.  How do you stay cool, calm and collected?  Not just when the temperature goes up but when things heat up in your life – relationships, finances, health, etc.?

One way is to remember that everything in life is temporary.  When it rains – it stops. When its night, there is day. Nothing lasts forever in this world so if things are good, enjoy them.  If things are not, don’t worry, for this too shall pass.  The important thing is to not take life too seriously. We can do this by not clinging to emotions.  We can see with clarity that things happen in life.  They are not good or bad – they just are.

Another way to deal with the “heat” is to push yourself to take another step and another, one step at a time, no matter what.  What separates successful people from those who are not, is that successful people do not let failures or setbacks get them down.  They just keep moving forward.  Thomas Edison is a wonderful example of that.

Years ago, I learned an important lesson that has stood the test of time – especially in difficult times.  That is when things seem too challenging to handle, just take the next right step in front of me, then the next and then the next.  It is something that has never failed me – except when I forget it!

Quote of the Week

“Misfortune is what fortune depends upon

Fortune is where misfortune hides beneath.”      

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 58


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