In the tears and the laughter

When I was a young child, I thought God was some being up in the sky. Consequently, I could not figure out how he could look out for me and still be able to take care of everyone else.  It was so impossible to imagine that I used such reasoning as proof that there was no God because no one Being could be in all places at once.

As an adult after spending time with New Thought authors like Emmett Fox and Eric Butterworth, I began to understand that God was not a person, God was not a being, that God was a Presence that is everywhere present.

That means that God is in the good and the not-so-good.   God is in the joy and in the sorrow, in the light, and in the dark.  God is in life and in death.

I certainly doubted that as I watched my beloved soul mate, Christopher, struggle and suffer in the last couple of weeks of his life.  I began to wonder where God was. It wasn’t until the suffering was over that I knew that God was there allowing us to spend our last moments just as we had gotten through all our past challenges, together – loving each other, supporting each other, and comforting each other.

It would be nice if we didn’t have to go through the heartaches and challenges of life, but as Christopher use to tell me, God is Creator, Maintainer, and Destroyer.  Nothing is permanent in this world except God and so we have to release and let go, no matter how much it breaks our hearts.  Because God is in the tears we shed as well as the laughter we share.

Quote of the Week

Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?”

Psalm 139, v. 7.

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