How’s 2021 so far?

How is 2021 treating you so far?  In Truth, of course, the number of the year does not really affect us unless we let it.

What is true is that when we have expectations, they can often leave us feeling down or even with a resentment that things did not work out according to our plans.  A wise woman once told me years ago that “expectations are preplanned resentments.”

If I expect that, just by the calendar changing, my life, or the conditions of the world would change, it would be foolish.  It would be unrealistic and could lead us to disappointment and disillusionment.  Certainly, the events in Washington was proof that just by changing a “0” to a “1” on the calendar, would not be a panacea for the worlds problems.  

What it can show us is that we are the ones who determine whether we are happy or not, content or not, and how much peace we feel at any time, regardless of the date on a calendar.  

Our minds are more powerful tools than any date, even more powerful than any disease.  But changing our thinking is too big a job for just us, so we have to rely on a Power Greater than Ourselves to help us change our thinking.  We have to surrender our old thinking and ask God to replace it with new more positive thoughts. Only then can we find any true happiness and peace.

Quote of the Week

“Disappointment is temporary.  Only your thought about it is permanent.  Change your mind about what has disappointed you and you will change your life.”

Neale Donald Walsch

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