Helping Others

Have you ever thought about all the people in your life that helped you become the person you are today? Most of us at one time or another, in our lives, been blessed by a helping hand that asked nothing in return.

I certainly would not be in recovery for the past 28 years if it were not for a friend who saw me drowning and introduced me to another angel who showed me the way out of my misery and despair.

I have had such wonderful people in my work experiences, my relationships, and my health – in fact in all facets of my life! Because others were there for me (and probably for you as well), it is our responsibility to be there for others. How that shows up differs depending on the situation, but such opportunities are always available to us if we just look for them.

I believe that passing on what someone has so graciously given us to others, (without any expectations of getting anything in return), is an act of gratitude and generosity and one that feeds us to the depth of our being.

Is there someone that you can help as others have helped you?

Quote of the Week

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Anne Frank

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