Heaven or Hell?

Heaven and Hell – there have been books and poetry written about them, movies and TV programs produced about them, and certainly much discussion in religious and spiritual circles regarding the subject.

I believe that heaven and hell are not places but states of mind.  There have been times in my life that I certainly experienced living in hell.  My life was one of chaos, fear, deprivation, despair, not to mention emotional, mental, and spiritual “hell”.

I thought there was no way out of that hell and often death seemed like the only option.  Then I entered into recovery and not only did I find a solution for my addiction but was blessed with a key – it was the key that opened the door from hell and opened up heaven right here – not someplace or time in the future – but right here and now.

I learned, through the help of several spiritual teachers, that the key to freedom was through a change in my thinking, followed by a change in my consciousness and then right action.  For that to happen, I had to be honest, open-minded, and willing to change.  

When I make an effort to have a conscious contact with a Higher Power of my understanding, I then can access a new way of thinking, new actions, right speech, an open mind to new thoughts, and a willingness to be of service to others.  It is then that Heaven just opens up and shows me a vision I had never even dreamed possible.  Whether I stay permanently in that heaven or not – does not matter because even a minute of heaven lets me know it is possible.

Where are you now?  Are you in a self-made hell or in heaven? If it is not heaven what can you do to change your thinking, to take the right action, to look at your life honestly, and pick up the willingness key to free yourself from any hell you may be experiencing?

The world is an amazing place.  Only you can set yourself free to experience the wonder of it all.

Quote of the Week

“Heaven is a state of mind. When you live in the awareness of God as a presence and a power in your life, when no matter what happens in the outer world the “real” of you is unchanging, peace-filled, and expectant of good, heaven will indeed be in the midst of you, heaven will indeed be near.”

From “The Quest.” By Mary-Alice Jafolla & Richard Jafolla

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