Happy Halloween!

It is a time of trick or treating, dressing up, being someone different, parties, and for many, the kickoff for the holiday season which follows. Houses are decorated and stocked with goodies for the trick or treaters, and autumn fills the air.

Halloween also gives us an opportunity to do some work on our spiritual growth. We can use it as a time to overcome fears by wearing something scary or going to a haunted house.

Halloween also gives us a chance to play a new role – to be someone different – to be whoever we want to be. That is why kids, and adults as well, love Halloween so much.

Spiritually, it gives us an opportunity to face our shadow self. When we see children dressed up like monsters it can serve as a reminder to look at our own inner darkness. It is a chance to look within and see if we are holding onto resentments, unforgiveness to others as well as ourselves, to look at any shame that might be weighing us down, or any negative beliefs about who we truly are.

So have a fun this Halloween, and remember, the only true monsters are the demons within that we choose to avoid and ignore.

Quote of the Week

“The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed.” Carl Jung

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