This Friday, I begin my month-long sabbatical.  I was supposed to take it two years ago, but then Covid happened, and it was impossible.  Covid had slowed down the following year enough that flying and travel were more readily available.  However,  Christopher was ill.

So here I am, two years later, finally taking my 5-year sabbatical (or part of it).

The other morning after feeling sorry that I did not take it sooner, I realized (thank you, God) that this year was the perfect time for me to take it.  The past two years have certainly been some of the most challenging years in my life, and it still presents challenges.  This is the perfect time for the sabbatical.  I began to see that things are always in their ideal time, although we may not think so.

God is Divine Order, and for me, God stands for Good Orderly Direction, which means that everything happens at the right and perfect time, even if I don’t think so.

The lesson is that I need to trust that God has my back and wants only the best for me and my growth, whether or not I can see or understand it.

Quote of the Week

“Divine Order is now established in me and in my world.  I am in Divine Order.  I am in sublime order now.  I let go and trust.”

Catherine Ponder

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