God’s Got This!

Have you ever had something you needed to do but it seemed like there was not enough time to do it – don’t sweat it!  God’ got it!Our maybe you have some financial concerns, or relationship issues, or employment challenges – don’t worry – God’s got it.  What about those times you have a big decision to make and are unsure of which way to go?

No fear, just know this – God’s got it!

We hear a lot, “Let go and let God”, but for me, saying, “God’s got it” seems a little bit more reassuring and, therefore, makes the letting go easier. Knowing that God’s got it takes not just faith, but love and trust. 

Chill out – “God’s got this!”

Quote of the Week

“You will trust God only as much as you love Him.” You will also only love God as much as you trust Him.”                                   Brennan Manning  

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