God is ???

Have you ever wondered, “What is God?” 

Maybe you were brought up with such a strong faith, that you never questioned if there was a God or what that God is?  However, if you are like so many people, it might be something you have thought about quite a bit.

Someone once told me that if the Higher Power I believed in was not big enough to handle all my fears and concerns, then I needed to find One that was. I did in Unity, and it is a God that is Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience. 

What does this mean?  It means that God is not just powerful, but is the Power that powers the Universe including the Power within me.  That means that I have a Power to tap into when things seem like they are more than I can handle. It is the strength and courage that sees me through life’s challenges. 

God is Omnipresence means that God is not just present everywhere but is Presence Itself and in everything (including us). Therefore, there is nowhere I can be that God is not.  One of my favorite affirmations is: “I live and breathe and have my being in God.” 

God is Omniscience means that God is not just all knowing but is the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Mind, Creative Force and this Wisdom is within each one of us.  This is why spending some time in the silence is so important – because more than anything, we cannot know God with our minds but we must feel it with our hearts.

So, what do you believe about your Higher Power?  It does not have to be what I believe or for that matter, anyone else.  It just must be big enough that you do not lose faith that It is greater than you or the things of the world.

Quote of the Week

“When the rationality of the brain utterly fails to grasp the Tao, the heart will step in to embrace it with a way of knowing that is beyond knowledge. Feeling is the key.”                                                         

Derek Lin. “The Tao of Daily Life.” 

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