From Rev. Arlene

How is your relationship with God?

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day – a day when children make a special effort to remember their mothers.  We need days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because, often in our busy lives, we forget to acknowledge the people that have meant the most to us.

The same is true with God/Spirit/Divine Mind/Higher Power.  We are often so busy trying to manage our lives that we forget to first establish our relationship with God.  We forget to seek the inner wisdom that comes from within when we are trying to make a decision.  We seek things on the outside to help us feel better about ourselves, to feel more loved, or to have a deeper peace.

But that which we seek from the world around us is already within us.  Just like a part of a mother is within her child, part of Spirit is within each of us. We forget this because we do not take the time to connect with our Spirit.  In a very real and spiritual sense, He/She is our parent and we are His/Her child.

Let’s do ourselves a favor – tomorrow, before we head out of the house, let’s take some time, even if only for a few minutes, to be in The Silence and see what a difference it makes!  We just might find the guidance and love we have been seeking has always been available to us because it’s here, within us, every step of every day.

Quote of the Week

“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”  Buddha

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