From Rev. Arlene

Who do you respect?  Who do you appreciate?


We all have people we respect and appreciate – some are famous people and some are people we know personally.  The people we know that we feel this way about we honor, cherish, value, and we hold dear.

What would our earth look like if we did the same regarding our planet?  What if we showed more respect and appreciation, would we take more care in how we treated her?

Last Friday was Earth Day, and for many, it is the one day a year we give thought to this precious, life giving ball of dirt and water we call earth.  Most of the time, we take little notice of all the beauty it produces.  We are rarely grateful for all the creatures that inhabit it and make our lives better because of their existence.  We fail to understand how trees are important, not just to the animals that make their homes in them, but to cherish the fresh air they provide, the shade on a hot day, and the way they help to clean up the pollution we humans so easily make.

Just as it is important for us to let the people we love know how we feel, it is important to let our planet know that we do cherish it.  Instead of celebrating Earth Day one day a year, find three things you can do on a regular basis to take better care of this wonderful, amazing, special place we call home, Earth!  Just a little thing like picking up someone else’s litter can make a big difference.  What we do today becomes our legacy for all the tomorrows to come.

Quote of the Week

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”                                                                                                                                   Jane Goodall



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