From Rev. Arlene

I recently heard someone say, “If we take our past into our present, we cannot move into the future.”  I know, for me, this is true.  When I cling to things of the past, I am not living in the present, and I cannot see all the possibilities and potential of the future.

We often carry around the baggage of our past as either a badge of honor or as a bunch of garbage that in time only messes up our lives and keeps us from truly experiencing who we are.

How can we be filled with love, joy, harmony, kindness, peace and compassion if we spend our time thinking about what we should have/could have, done in the past.

The past is the past.  It cannot be altered or changed.  Right here and right now, there is wonder and beauty for us to experience – but we cannot see it if we are looking behind all the time.

There are no guarantees for the future, but we can travel the road into what is next for us, a little lighter, when we are not weighed down by the past.

Quote of the Week

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

Author unknown.

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