From Rev. Arlene

It was almost 27 years ago, that I changed from being an atheist to having a deep belief that there is a Power Greater than myself.  Over those years, my thinking and relationship to that Power has changed as I have changed.

I discovered many paradoxes about God that actually began to make sense to me.  For example, God is Principle and God is personal.  At first I thought how can that be?  If God was Principle with no form or location, how could I have a personal relationship with such a thing?

But for me, although God is Principle, when I am in need or seek IT, God feels as if it is available as Love, Comfort, Ideas, and Guidance.

Another paradox is that God is Law and Grace. Divine Law is the orderly working out of the principles of Pure Being into expression throughout creation.  That means that IT does not favor one group or another or condemn “these” people but loves “those”.  Law is constant and does not favor one over another.  Think about the Law of Gravity.  It is the same for everyone and everything.

However, God is also Grace.  God so desires to express Itself completely through each of us.  This means that even though it is true that as we reap so we shall sow, the combination of Grace and Law allows us to overcome what we have done. We cannot work for Grace; it is not something that comes only to the good or certain religions.  It comes to all alike, simply because all alike are expressions of God.

Someone told me years ago, that it was not important to believe what others told me about God but that if I had an understanding of my Higher Power that worked for me, I would find the strength, love, courage and faith to face the difficult times in life.

What do you believe?  There is no right answer other than it needs to work for YOU!


Quote of the Week

“Grace changes everything.”  Anonymous

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