From Rev. Arlene

Spring is here (in Southern California), although it might be different wherever you are. But whenever springtime arrives it is a time of renewal and growth. All around, nature begins to awaken from its long winter sleep.

Just as energy fills our planet it, also, fills us humans as the days begin to get longer and warmer. I think that is why so many people enter into a frenzy of spring cleaning. What is interesting to me is that if we were to put half as much energy into our spiritual life, as the energy we put into our gardens and our homes, spring could be a powerful time of spiritual renewal and advancement.

Here are some ways to do a cleaning of our spiritual interiors as we clean our home interiors. First take some time in prayer and meditation asking God to clean our hearts and create in us a new spirit. This is not something we can do ourselves and, therefore, we must seek God in this matter.

Next clean out your spirit by eliminating all complaining and criticizing. Words that are critical are damaging to the health of our soul. Try going 21 days without doing any complaining and criticizing, you will be surprised at the results.

Lastly, clean out the cobwebs of your inner being by forgiving everyone and everything. We can do this by praying for the person we need to forgive and if we cannot do that, we can pray for the willingness to forgive.

Spring forth this season with a new spirit, a new sense of purpose and a feeling of “Light”ness as you clear out the deep recesses of your being and open up to the “Sunlight of the Spirit”.

Quote of the Week

“Krishna insisted on outer cleanliness and inner cleansing. Clean clothes (or houses) and clean minds are an ideal combination.” Sathya Sai Baba

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